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Battle for our Cities

At a variety of levels, cities are central to modern life. While many extol the virtues of millions living together, does that make us more vulnerable, too? How should cities be designed and adapted to best meet the needs of citizens? Why is there an obsession with creating ‘public space’? Moreover, the biggest cities have populations larger than many countries – will they be the new seats of power in the future?

Sunday 18 October 2015
14.00 to 15.30 Frobisher Auditorium 2
16.00 to 17.15 Frobisher Auditorium 2

Produced by
Academy of Ideas

'Cinderella Law': criminalising parental authority?

"Although 'battle' suggests destruction, these were some of the most constructive debates I've taken part in. This was civilised conflict in the best sense of both words."
Julian Baggini, author, Welcome to Everytown: A Journey into the English Mind, and The Ego Trick

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