Dr Clare Hornsby
art and cultural historian, educator; founding director of Benedictus Liberal Arts Trust

Dr Clare Hornsby FSA is director of Benedictus Liberal Arts Trust, an initiative for higher education in London. She was formerly assistant director at the British School at Rome and latterly Honorary Research Fellow at the Royal Academy of Music in London.

Her academic work has focussed on the history and art of the eighteenth century. She has researched and published on French landscape drawing, Roman topography, Grand Tour studies and the 18th century art market. She has worked recently on the relationship between art and music in terms of patronage and aesthetics and has lectured in the USA and Italy on the central role of the Catholic and Christian artistic tradition in the development of European culture. 

In 2015 she gave several public lectures for Benedictus in London that focussed on the arts in Italy in connection with theology, liturgy and church history. She is the convenor of the annual Benedictus Research Forum which this year brought together over 50 international academics and educators to discuss liberal education.

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Sunday 23 October, 12.00 Conservatory
Do we need a classical education for the 21st century?