Dr Clodagh Harrington
senior lecturer in American Politics, De Montfort University; author, Obama’s Washington: Political Leadership in a Partisan Era

Clodagh Harrington is chair of the (PSA) American Politics Group and is also a member of the Political Studies Association, American Political Science Association and British Association for American Studies. She is currently working on two projects relating to newly released material gathered in 2016 at the GW Bush museum in Dallas, Texas. In 2015 she was awarded a place on the DMU Future Research Leaders Programme, which offers institutional support for international research projects.
She received her MA (1996) and PhD (2006) from London Metropolitan University. Her academic background is in American politics and policy and this is also her main teaching area.

Clodagh’s most recent publication is Obama’s Washington: Political Leadership in a Partisan Era (University of London, 2015), brings together essays from both sides of the Atlantic to dissect policy decisions and challenges facing the current administration.

Follow Clodagh on Twitter: @DMUClodagh


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