Ed Clarke
writer; head of classics, Highfield School; editor SATIPS classics broadsheet

Ed Clarke began his career as a private tutor of Latin and Greek at Common Entrance and senior school scholarship before taking up a post at Cranleigh School in Surrey. He is now head of Classics at Highfield School in Hampshire, and recently published a new two-part Latin primer called Variatio: A Scholarship Latin Course. The first part of its sister Greek course, Poikilia, is due out in January 2017.

A campaigner for traditional, knowledge-based methods of education, Ed serves on the committee of the Conservative Education Society, and has been involved in the Department for Education’s recent reforms. With respect to Latin and Greek, he is in favour of a rigorously grammatical approach, and is keen to encourage the practice of prose composition into the classical languages.

Ed is the editor of the SATIPS Classics Broadsheet, and writes for the TES and the Spectator. He also works as a musician and stand-up comedian.

Follow Ed on Twitter: @ClarkesLatin


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Do we need a classical education for the 21st century?