Andrea Speijer-Beek
essayist, philosopher; founder and editor-in-chief Dutch libertarian website, Vrijheid Zonder Maar

Andrea Speijer-Beek is a philosopher, essayist, and the founder and editor-in-chief of Dutch libertarian website Vrijheid Zonder Maar. Recurring themes in her work are the dissenting individual in a society that demands uniformity of thought, the corruption of western democracy, and the common confusion of crony capitalism for free-market liberalism.

While studying philosophy in Amsterdam and writing for student magazines, she started to notice a pervasive uniformity of thought among her peers. Liberal democracy was the best possible system, the welfare state is sacred, capitalism is dangerous at best and hope for change resides in electing the right progressive person or party. The solution for all political, ethical and social problems is unanimously more government intervention.

After finding out that the right-wing of the political bird didn’t offer more support for individual liberty and voluntary cooporation, she accidentally became a freethinker.

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