Dr Arianne Shahvisi
writer and activist; lecturer in ethics and medical humanities, Brighton & Sussex Medical School

Arianne Shahvisi is a writer, academic and activist, based in Brighton. She holds a doctorate in the philosophy of physics from the University of Cambridge, and is a lecturer in Ethics at the Brighton & Sussex Medical School, where she teaches bioethics, feminist theory, and the philosophy of mind. As a researcher she is interested in the application of philosophical analyses to social and political problems, and her current projects focus on reproductive ethics, social epistemology, and scientific methodology.

Arianne serves as an editorial board member of Kohl: Journal for Feminist Research on Gender and the Body in the MENA Region , and as science editor for literary magazine The Offing. Alongside her academic work, Arianne engages in campus and community activism, focusing on gender, race, migration, and academic freedom. She has written commentary on these issues for various online outlets, and was awarded the Kamal Salibi Award for services to academic freedom in 2015.

She is currently working on a book which argues that certain forms of censorship are morally defensible in the pursuit of a fairer knowledge community.


Wednesday 19 October, 19.30 The Friends' Meeting House, Ship Street, Brighton
Sexual abuse among young people: problem or panic?