Professor Gerry Thomas
professor of molecular pathology, Imperial College London

Gerry Thomas is professor of Molecular Pathology at Imperial College London, and director of both Imperial College Healthcare Tissue Bank, and the Chernobyl Tissue Bank. 

Her main research area focuses on the molecular pathology of thyroid cancer and how this is influenced by aetiology and age at diagnosis. She is committed to developing infrastructures for molecular pathology research and diagnosis, both for use by her own research group but also by others. She strongly believes that public involvement and information is a key part of academic research, and is actively involved in the public communication of research, particularly with respect to radiation protection and biobanking. 

Following the Fukushima accident in 2011 she has been actively engaged in dispelling the myths around health effects of low dose radiation, through her interaction with the general public, the media both in the UK and worldwide, students and with the political and scientific communities.


Saturday 22 October, 17.30 Frobisher Auditorium 1
Is the future nuclear?