Małgorzata Terlikowska
journalist, editor, columnist

Formerly a crazy radio reporter who tamed tigers, looked for elks lost in the city and flew a glider, Małgorzata has worked at the Catholic Information Agency (KAI) and Radio Puls. Currently, apparently with the level of craziness unchanged – because who now decides to have a big family if not loonies? – she is a wife of one and a mother of five. Ethicist by education, editor by passion. She enjoys debunking myths about maternity, and always strives to accentuate the value of work done by stay-at-home moms. She is a pro-family activist.


Wednesday 28 September, 18.00 Państwomiasto, ul. Andersa 29 00-159, Warszawa
Abortion: whose life, whose choice?