Will Franken
satirist, comedian, writer

Will Franken is a London-based comedian specialising in high-speed, quick-change character comedy with a particular penchant for politically incorrect satire. His work has been featured on BBC America, Radio 4, NPR, and Channel 4 and has been praised on both sides of the Atlantic in such publications as The New York Times, The Guardian, The Times of London, The Scotsman, and many others. Franken has also had written work published in Spiked, The Independent (UK) and The Federalist (US) on a variety of topics ranging from his pro-Brexit enthusiasm, the artistic nadir of the contemporary comedy scene, and the hypocrisy he experienced from living as a woman for seven months in liberal-minded London. At the 2016 Edinburgh Fringe Festival, he drew the ire of the comedy establishment by presenting the inaugural “Defining the Norm Awards”, a series of twenty-two categories lambasting the safety, blandness, and self-censorship of modern comedians and the industry that encourages them.

Franken holds an MA in English from Southwest Missouri State University with a focus on Restoration and 18th century British literature.

The late Robin Williams once said of his work, “Will Franken is a master of delusion, an is unchained. He is also very funny.”

You can browse his website here.

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Comedy and censorship: are you kidding me?