Dr Eliane Glaser
writer, lecturer and radio producer

Eliane Glaser is a writer, a senior lecturer at Bath Spa University, an associate research fellow at Birkbeck, University of London, and a BBC radio producer. Her book Get Real: How to See Through the Hype, Spin and Lies of Modern Life is about how political and financial elites legitimise themselves by co-opting authenticity, people-power, localism, and progressive ideals. It’s about how we are still influenced and conned, even – in fact especially – at a time when we’re all supposed to be savvy citizen-consumers, and when false consciousness has become a taboo. And it’s about the power dynamics that persist behind modern smokescreens of ‘participation, ‘interactivity’, ‘engagement’ and ‘democratisation’. Get Real argues that we need to reveal hidden agendas for what they are, but that we also need to set out explicit blueprints for a better world. Eliane is now writing a book about the apparent death of politics, and how it can be revived. She writes for the Guardian, the New Statesman and OpenDemocracy, among other places.

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Sunday 23 October, 17.30 Garden Room
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