Bally Bhogal
head of new business, Pera Training Ltd

Bally is a member of the senior leadership team at Pera Training Ltd, a provider of apprenticeship programmes to clients including Jaguar Land Rover, Pepsico and Denby Pottery. She has worked with many employers and aspiring apprentices first hand to know what employers are looking for in candidates and is increasingly advising parents about apprenticeship career route options, as the landscape of higher education continues to change.

She has developed many partnerships and campaigns to raise the awareness and take up of apprenticeships, including the most recent and ‘hot-off-the-press’ development of degree apprenticeships.  With one eye on government policy and the other on economic growth, Bally has a very keen interest in the future of apprenticeships and how the forthcoming levy will impact the government’s target of three million apprenticeships, improve the quality of apprenticeships and increase social mobility.

Follow Bally on Twitter: @ballybhogal1


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