Pauline Hadaway
writer and researcher

Pauline Hadaway has worked in arts and education in the UK and Ireland since 1990 and is co-founder of The Liverpool Salon, a new forum for pub-lic debate on Merseyside. Pauline is undertaking a professional doctorate at the University of Manchester’s Institute of Cultural Practices, researching different uses of cultural heritage as a tool for economic regeneration in Northern Ireland and Britain. Pauline has been published widely including: Policing the Public Gaze (2009), published by The Manifesto Club, Re-imagining Titanic, re-imaging Belfast, in Relaunching Titanic: Memory and Marketing in the ‘Post Conflict City (2013) and Escaping the Panopticon, Photography Reframed (2017).


Monday 10 October, 18.45 Main chapel of Cross Street Chapel, Cross Street, Manchester M2 1NL
From Grammar schools to academic freedom: what is the future of education?

Saturday 5 November, 14.30 Liverpool Central Library
After the referendum, where to next? Planning for change