Christopher Beckett
client and operations manager, Elite IB; former pastoral support worker, Wymondham College

Chris is a Client & Operations Manager at Elite IB, a private tuition firm specialising in the International Baccalaureate and university admissions consultancy. Prior to this he worked at Wymondham College a state boarding and day school in Norfolk in pastoral support role. He has a deep interest in education, pedagogy and the direction of contemporary education.

Although currently living in London, Chris is a committee member of the Liverpool Salon. He has written sporadically for Spiked and was involved as a researcher for the Free Speech University Rankings launch, as well as being published by Index on Censorship and the National Association of Scholars in the United States.

Chris holds an MA in Sociology from the University of Liverpool where he focused on higher education and infantilisation, and completed his BA at the University of Sheffield.

Follow Christopher on Twitter: @Chris_Beckett91


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