Centre for African Policy and Peace Strategy

The Battle of Ideas provides a platform for innovative thinking and rigorous debate about the issues and challenges of our times and the ideas that could shape our future. The Africa strand of debates at the Battle of Ideas, called the ‘Battle for Africa’, is crucial because it links the local to the global and catalyses a necessary debate about exactly who is responsible for Africa’s challenges, who can best address them and what resources are needed to do so. It will also prompt new and provocative debate about the motives, culpabilities and responsibilities of diverse local and international actors in creating today’s Africa and possibly its future.

- Dapo Oyewole, Executive Director, Centre for African Policy & Peace Strategy (CAPPS)

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"The Battle of Ideas is like a huge intellectual fair where a bewildering number of thinkers set out their stalls."
Julian Baggini, editor, The Philosophers' Magazine