Animating real life
RCA animation shorts + Q&A
Saturday 27 October, 12.15pm until 1.15pm, Lecture Theatre 2 Lunchtime Debates

Artists at the forefront of animation are becoming more and more interested in documentary and manipulated live-action. How does the real and authentic play with the conjured and imagined in the collaboration between documentary and animation? What does the use of animation tell us about documentary film-making techniques? And what sort of stories are uncovered and truths told by animated documentaries?

Come and see innovative, intriguing and award-winning work from Royal Academy of Art animation graduates over the last three years and join in the discussion about animation and documentary as part of the Can Films Change the World? strand at the Battle of Ideas 2007. Films shown are:

guy 101 (2005) by Ian William Gouldstone
A man hears a story of a hitch-hiker from the other side of the internet.

Collision (2005) by Max Hattler
Islamic patterns and American quilts and the colours and geometry of flags as an abstract field of reflection.

Mother (2006) by Christoph Steger
An animated documentary about a life dedicated to the dead.

Illusion dwellers (2007) by Robb Ellender
A frequently overlooked and misunderstood community share their unique view of the world.

Die Andere Seite (2007) by Ellie Land
An animated documentary about the Berlin Wall, exploring the childhood imagination of what they believed to be on the other side, having never been there.

And Life Went On (2007) by Maryam Mohajer
Tehran, Iran 1985. The Iran/Iraq war. Air raid sirens. All the neighbours rush down to the basements/shelters. So what is going to happen in this shelter? Will every woman cry and scream whilst every man shivers and chews his moustache with rage and fear?... You will be surprised.


Joe King
tutor, animation department, RCA; award-winning filmmaker
Hugh Ortega Breton
PhD researcher in risk and anxiety in popular culture, Roehampton University

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Dr Shirley Dent communications specialist (currently working with the British Veterinary Association media team); editor,; author, Radical Blake
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