Joe King

Joe King is an artist working across the field of moving image using innovative techniques and animation to combine and manipulate photography, film, video and sound. His work has been screened around the world, broadcast internationally and has won awards both home and abroad.

Joe has produced and directed his own commissioned pieces and also works as a director for a production company, Slinky pictures. Recent work includes moving visuals for bands such as U2, advertising and music promos as well as personal work such as Survey. Joe’s recent film was a collaboration with fellow film maker Rosie Pedlow, with whom he founded Folk///Projects. The film entitled Sea Change has won best experimental film at SXSW and Hull film festivals and best lighting at Ann Arbor film festivals, while also gaining special mentions. Joe has also worked with sound design and editing.

Joe works between digital and more traditional technologies mixing techniques using lo- or no- tech film making with hi-tech digital methods. Landscape and architecture has informed much of his subject matter. He has an interest in non-conventional narratives and works with both live action and animation

Current projects include working with medical scan to produce an animated piece of work. Another project is a multi-disciplinary and cross-platform artwork for contemporary media entitled The City Speaks. It is collaborative audio visual artworks that will form a centre-piece of the BBC Radio 4 season in July 2007. The project uses the city of London as a central theme and is a collaboration between writers film-makers and sound designers.

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