Rebecca Wilson
student at Royal Holloway; outreach co-ordinator for The Labour Campaign to End Homelessness

Rebecca is in the last year of her Undergraduate Degree in English and Comparative Literature at Royal Holloway, University of London. She hopes to continue her education at UCL with a Masters Degree in Social and Cultural Anthropology.

Since joining forces with The Labour Campaign to End Homelessness, she has been given the position of Outreach Co-ordinator, organising weekly walks to give out provisions to homeless people and a hot food stand on The Strand which feeds 150+.

She has contributed to the campaign’s manifesto which outlines how The Labour Party are best placed to end homelessness in the UK’s two party system. This is to be unveiled at their party conference event ‘How can Labour End Homelessness?’ where Rebecca is due to speak on the importance of encouraging philanthropy in students and the concept of housing as a human right.

She has been in talks with the Shadow Chancellor on the potentiality of the complete eradication of homelessness and looks forward to working with the Leadership in the near future on this.


Saturday 22 October, 10.00 Frobisher 1-3
Did Cathy come home? Homelessness today