Dr Katie Tonkiss
lecturer in sociology & policy, Aston University; author Migration and Identity in a Post-National World

Katie Tonkiss is a lecturer in sociology and policy at Aston University. Her research interests are centred on migration rights, immigration policy, and post-national approaches to questions of membership and belonging. She is currently leading a British Academy-funded research project on migration rights activism in the UK and Australia.

Katie is the author of Migration and Identity in a Post-National World (Palgrave Macmillan 2013), which explores the negotiation of identity and belonging in contexts of high EU immigration. She has published widely in scholarly journals including the Journal of Ethnic and Migration Studies and Citizenship Studies, and is currently working on two volumes, Theorising Noncitizenship (with Tendayi Bloom) and Understanding Statelessness (with Tendayi Bloom and Phillip Cole) which will be published with Routledge in the coming year. Katie also regularly writes on topical issues for wider audiences, including for Compass and in publications such as The Conversation, the Independent and Migration Pulse.

Follow Katie on Twitter: @ktonkiss