Colin Hughes
managing director, Collins Learning

Colin is an experienced executive-level publisher of traditional and digital education resources. He joined HarperCollins in 2012 and, as managing director of Collins Learning, has overseen the integration of the company’s Education, Language and Geo divisions. In 2013, he launched Collins India. He is chair of the Education Publishers Council in the UK and of the Board of the Governors of Middlesex University.

Colin worked at the Press Association and The Times before joining the Independent in 1986 as political correspondent. He went on to become policy editor, education editor, and US correspondent, and spent his final five years at the Independent as managing editor, and deputy editor of the paper. He joined the Guardian in 1998, and founded Learnthings Ltd, the Guardian’s digital learning business, in 2000. After establishing, he created Guardian Business and Professional as managing director, and served on the Guardian News and Media board for six years as director of business and professional.

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