Ken De Cooman
co-founder & partner, BC Architects & Studies

Ken De Cooman’s activities were sprawling into philosophy, music, live visuals, dance and performance before becoming focused on architecture. In 2009, BC studies was started, engaging in projects on the border between arts and architecture. In 2011, a workshop with Anna Heringer and Martin Rauch introduced De Cooman to earth construction. In 2012, he co-founded BC architects with Laurens Bekemans, Nicolas Coeckelberghs and Wes Degreef.

Today, BC architects & studies is a young office just about running its course with storied projects, in which building materials are often produced on site and in context. With projects in Belgium, France, Nigeria, Morocco, Burundi and Ethiopia, BC architects and studies has a fresh look at ways of constructing, and doing so, are pushing the boundaries of contemporary building processes.


Tuesday 22 November, 20.00 Muziekstudio Desingel, Desguinlei 25, B 2018, Antwerp
Utopian thinking today: idealism or escapism?