Kevin Rooney
politics teacher and head of social science, Queen's School, Bushey; co-author, Who's Afraid Of The Easter Rising?

Kevin teaches politics and is head of social science at Queen’s School, near Watford. He is a member of the IoI Education Forum and the Battle of Ideas committee. He speaks regularly in panel debates and has contributed articles to a range of publications on education, politics, Irish current affairs, civil liberties and football. He has written chapters for several books on Ireland and education on topics such as ‘Education for Mutual Understanding’ in relation to solving conflict in Northern Ireland and on citizenship lessons in UK schools.

Kevin’s other great passion in life is Celtic Football Club of which he is a season-ticket holder and shareholder.


Monday 26 September, 19.00 The ACCENT London Study Center, 12 Bedford Square, Bloomsbury London WC1B 3JA
Free speech under threat in the classroom?

Saturday 22 October, 16.00 Frobisher 4-6
Schools and social mobility: a grammatical error?

Sunday 23 October, 16.00 Frobisher Auditorium 2
Are schools producing Generation Snowflake?