Professor Dennis Hayes
professor of education, University of Derby

Dennis is professor of education at the University of Derby where he is chair of the College of Education Research Committee and the programme leader for PhDs in education. He is the founder and director of the campaign group Academics For Academic Freedom (AFAF) which is now a membership organisation with a members’ blog.

His book, The Limits of Academic Freedom, will be published in November 2016


Tuesday 18 October, 19.00 Hallmark Midland Hotel, Derby
Knowledge versus skills: the great education debate 2016

Sunday 23 October, 12.00 Pit Theatre
You're hired! Who wants to be an apprentice?

Sunday 23 October, 12.00 Conservatory
Do we need a classical education for the 21st century?

Tuesday 8 November, 19.00 Hallmark Midland Hotel, Derby
The future of free speech: will tackling ‘radicalisation’ mean the death of debate?