Festival Attractions

As well as the debates taking place at this year's Battle of Ideas, the festival also offers other attractions to keep you stimulated intellectually throughout the day.

Index of Attractions

Upper Gulbenkian Gallery
Battle of Ideas 2009 welcome address

Lower level exhibition space
Ideas Market

Lower level exhibition space
The Myth of Racist Kids - Launch

Entrance Gallery
Festival Art Exhibition 2009

Upper exhibition space
Foyles Festival Bookshop

Lower level exhibition space
Young Journalists Academy at the Ideas Market

Lower level exhibition space
Social Science for Schools at the Ideas Market

Royal College of Music
Battle of Ideas 2009 festival drinks reception

Students' Union
2009 End of Festival Party

Festival Buzz
Particle Physics is Sexy

View: Particle Physics is Sexy

"The Battle of Ideas is a unique opportunity to learn from vigorous exchanges among some of the world's best-informed and most provocative people."
Martin Wolf, chief economics commentator, Financial Times