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A limited number of press passes are available for all Battle of Ideas events and there are usually a wide range of opportunities to interview speakers.

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25 September 2012
Leading intellectuals gather in London for pan-European Battle of Ideas

As the Eurozone crisis demands focus on the state of European democracy, some of Europe’s leading public intellectuals will gather at London’s Battle of Ideas festival in October at a pan-European summit to contest the case for freedom in the twenty-first century. Can freedom be traded off against other important values? Is it worth defending the freedom to exploit, pollute and behave irresponsibly? Is free will simply an illusion or ideal which is no longer relevant to the contemporary West?

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Is the Big Society the good society?

"A truly original battle with a great deal at stake as opposed to a reassuring renactment of old arguments. I felt refreshed rather than entrenched afterwards."
Damian Barr, columnist, writer, playwright, salonierre

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