the Manchester Salon

The Manchester Salon was inspired after a trip to London for the Battle of Ideas in 2006, and a desire to bring some of the flavour of those very engaging debates to Manchester - at least in between the annual Battle of Ideas festival. The Salon now meets every month to discuss a topic of current affairs, maybe through the prism of a recently published book on the topic, and often with the author of the book introducing its themes. The Salon’s aim is to try and capture the essence and nuances of the topics raised in current affairs, and discuss possible solutions. With as many views as there are participants, our conversations never end and are carried on more informally in the bar after the debate.

If you’re interested in attending any of the forthcoming discussions, please complete the contact form at the Manchester Salon website so that you can be added to our mailing list. A small charge is made in order to cover the cost of room hire and any speaker expenses.

What's the point of the social sciences?

"The Battle of Ideas is quite simply the single most impressive and intellectually challenging event I have ever attended."
Professor Neil McKeganey, director, Centre for Drug Misuse Research

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