Henry Rudd

Henry joined the international division of SABMiller in 1990 at a time when SAB’s international operations spanned four countries and was managed by a team of four. He has therefore enjoyed a ringside seat at the extra-ordinary spectacle of SABMiller’s rise to global prominence.

Henry served 10 years as an expat in Africa, first as Finance Director in Lesotho and then as a member of the first SAB management teams in Tanzania in1993 (as CFO) and Uganda in 1997 (as CEO). In 2002 he took over responsibility for New Business Development in Africa and Asia before joining the IR team in London in 2007.

Henry was born in South Africa and educated in Zimbabwe and at Eton College. He has qualifications from various Universities (Aix-en-Provence; Cape Town; Zimbabwe and Oxford) but sees himself as unashamedly more physical than cerebral. This may have something to do with the fact that he has yet to encounter a problem in the affairs of mankind that is so great or so trivial that it cannot be solved by a few mates over a beer – preferably after some form of competitive sport. And to the question “everyone a runner?”, the answer is patently “Yes!”

In terms of brand loyalty, he would be described in consumer research terms as “promiscuous” – and will always seek out the freshest beer on offer from the nearest brewery in every country he visits. This is not how he describes his personal life however after 30 years of devotion to the same wife and their shared devotion to 3 children and 3 grand-children.

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