Cate Lamb
global director of programs, CDP; strategic advisor, UN CEO Water Mandate; board member, Alliance for Water Stewardship

Cate was recently appointed as CDP’s Global Director of programs as is now responsible for leading and accelerating improvements across CDP’s core work on water security, climate change and deforestation with investors, cities and supply chains. Cate transitioned to this role following 3 years as Head of CDP’s water program, where she was responsible for ensuring that the program remains the gold standard for disclosure of corporate water-related information globally and moves rapidly to deliver significant changes in the management of water by non-state actors. Evidence and insight is vital to driving real change and during her tenure as Head of Water, Cate drove significant increases in corporate and investor water action as well as transformative improvements in the quality of corporate water data that is now made available to the market.

Cate has over a decade of experience in the environmental and sustainable development fields with a strong technical, scientific and project management background. She is a strategic advisor to the UN CEO Water Mandate, sits on the board of the Alliance for Water Stewardship and holds a BSc in Environmental Science from Lancaster University.

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Sunday 23 October, 16.00 Garden Room
Humanity’s big challenge: water wars