Amin Taha

Topically, Amin’s parents left repressive regimes in the middle east for Germany where he was born, moving onto London where he is now settled. 

Amin founded his practice in 2005 and Group Work a companion organisation and Employee Ownership Trust in 2009 to allow architects, urban, graphic and furniture designers to collaborate and overlap their disciplines on selected projects. Their ‘core’ style is not a visual language but an approach based on collective critical thinking, questioning the detailed and peripheral areas of any proposal to give meaning to material and form.

For urban designers, sociologists and architects this maybe the subtext within a written brief or verbal social and physical consultation experiences that can begin to reveal hidden and on occasion more relevant and stronger narratives. For engineers and architects it will be the space between two pencil lines representing external and internal wall faces, ceilings and floors, answers to which can generate an architectonic unity across the disciplines.

Such early broader responses generate ideas for testing and development which may not always be applicable elsewhere but are by that virtue more specific to that context and moment.

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"Participating in the Battle was a little like entering a Bombay train at rush hour - it's a plunge into a swirl of wildly differing notions of how people should arrange themselves in a really tight situation. When you eventually emerge, you find that you're in a different place from where you started - and that you've been thoroughly energised from the journey. I can't wait to take the trip again next year."
Naresh Fernandes, editor-in-chief, Time Out India