The Great Debate

The Great Debate is an umbrella title for a series of courses and public discussions on a variety of topics organised by Caspar Hewett, Dave O’Toole, Jon Pugh, Mo Lovatt and Jon Bryan. Our aim is to facilitate lively, open debate on scientific and social issues. We are committed to public participation and to facilitating topical discussions through which we hope to encourage critical thinking and a willingness to challenge current orthodoxies. We engage with the general public in the broadest sense and aim to develop a deeper shared understanding of science and society.

Who needs art anyway?

"Who would choose to go to a session on free will at 10:30 on a Sunday morning? A few hundred of the most engaged, passionate and discursive participants I have encountered. As a neuroscientist on the panel I felt my science was aired and challenged in exemplary fashion. As a passionate believer in engagement I couldn’t have been more delighted."
Daniel Glaser, head, special projects, public engagement, Wellcome Trust

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