Youth today: generation me, me, me?

Sunday 20 October, 9.30am until 10.15am, Cinema 2 Generation Wars

There has been widespread concern across the West about the impact of austerity measures on the young. While some commentators have tried to link the youthful uprisings of the Arab Spring and anti-austerity protests such as Occupy, there seems little sense that generation Y is taking up traditional activism. Is this generation being radicalised by global austerity or growing more conservative in the face of economic insecurity? Have they been liberated from more traditional forms of political engagement or simply estranged and alienated from them? What does politics mean to ‘generation me’?

Christopher Beckett
client and operations manager, Elite IB; former pastoral support worker, Wymondham College

Natacha Blisson
senior consultant, Statoil corporate sustainability unit

Teddy Nygh
filmmaker, Fully Focused Productions; director, Riot From Wrong

Joanna Tokarz-Härtig
head of project department, Stanislaw Brzozowski Association; co-ordinator, Political Critique

Dr Ashley Frawley
Senior lecturer in sociology and social policy, Swansea University; author, The Semiotics of Happiness: rhetorical beginnings of a public problem

Produced by
Christopher Beckett client and operations manager, Elite IB; former pastoral support worker, Wymondham College
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Media-bashing live

"To contribute to Battle of Ideas is to add a few words to a giant, communal speech-bubble out of the gap-toothed mouth of British opinion. It is a strong reminder that the joys of free, uncalculated speech and the right to attack orthodoxies can in no way be assumed in 2012 – that we use them or lose them."
Piers Hellawell, composer; professor of composition, Queen’s University Belfast

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