Dr Joe Smith

Joe is Senior Lecturer in Environment in the Geography Department at The Open University. He has written or edited books on climate change, quality of life, the history of ecological thought and environmental communications. He has recently published a number of papers on cultures and politics of consumption.

For more than 15 years he has run seminars on global issues for senior media decision makers, and consulted on more than 30 hours of broadcast projects.  He developed the ambitious media, research and learning project, Creative Climate, that gathers stories of ingenuity in response to environmental change issues (2010-2020). Joe is lead researcher on the new AHRC funded Earth in Vision broadcast archives project. Most recently he co-edited ATLAS: Geography, Architecture and Change in an Interdependent World (Black Dog Publishing 2012) as one of the outcomes from the Interdependence Day project which he devised (working with nef and Sheffield School of Architecture). Both his BA degree (Social and Political Sciences) and PhD (Geography) are from the University of Cambridge.

Joe is also a non-executive Director of Smith of Derby Ltd., one of the world’s best-known makers and restorers of large public clocks. Joe blogs at www.citizenjoesmith.wordpress.com and tweets @citizenjoesmith.

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