Kevin McCullagh

Kevin is a product strategist, with a 20-year consulting track record at the front-end of innovation.

He founded in Plan, a product/service strategy consultancy based in London, in 2004. Prior to this he was director at the product design consultancy Seymourpowell. Over the past 20 years his clients have included: Coca Cola, Ford, HP, Lenovo, Mars, Nokia, Orange, O2, P&G, Samsung, Shell, Tefal, Toyota, Unilever and Yamaha.

With a background spanning design, engineering, marketing and social forecasting, he’s never short of an opinion or three. Kevin writes, speaks, and curates and chairs conferences on design, business, and society. His writing and opinions have appeared in publications including: the Wall Street Journal, the Daily Telegraph, Fast Company, Design Management Review, Core77 and Blueprint.

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