Dr Jane O'Grady

Jane O’Grady is a visiting lecturer at City University, London, where she teaches Philosophy of Psychology. She also gives courses for the London School of Philosophy (she was one of its seven founders), for the How To Academy, and at the Freud Museum. (She used to teach English at Inner City London secondary schools, then taught extramural philosophy at Birkbeck.)

She writes philosophers’ obituaries for the Guardian newspaper, and reviews and articles for various papers, magazines and web-sites, including the Times Literary Supplement, Times Higher Educational Supplement, Financial Times, Prospect, Observer, Daily Telegraph, and Open Democracy. She had a column (O’Grady Says) in The Literary Review (1986 - 1990), and has spoken on Radio 4 and the World Service.

She co-edited A Dictionary of Philosophical Quotations (Blackwell 1992) with A. J. Ayer, did several entries for the Oxford Companion to Philosophy (Oxford 1995, and wrote introductions to Mill’s On Liberty and The Subjection of Women (Wordsworth 1996) and to Plato’s Euthyphro, Apology, Crito, Phaedo, and Symposium (Wordsworth 1997).

Recently, she has been researching and writing a book about romantic love – philosophical but also bringing in literature, anthropology, sociology, neuroscience and evolutionary biology.

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