Rev Dr Joseph Borg

Joseph Borg read for his bachelorship and then Masters in theology at the University of Malta; for a post-graduate diploma in communication studies at Concordia University, Montreal. Canada and for a PhD with the University of Bolton, UK. He was the Archbishop’s delegate for social communication, head of the press office of the Archdiocese, founder of RTK radio, the Media Centre and the newspaper IL-GENS. He is the drafter of the media policy of the Archdiocese of Malta, The Digital Face of the Lord.

Borg was the first chair of the editorial board of Public Broadcasting Services Ltd. He presented and produced several TV and radio programmes some of which are award winners. He was one of the drafters of the National Broadcasting Policy. Borg is the editor of Campus FM and the audiovisual policy consultant of the minister for education and culture. He represented Malta during the discussions of the Audio Media Services Directive and in a member of the Media Literacy in Schools Expert group of the European Union. He is also a member of the pan-European research group, EU Kids online.

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Thursday 6 November 2014, 19.00 University of Malta, Valletta Campus, St Paul Street, Valletta, Malta

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