Willard Foxton

Willard is a journalist and documentary producer; and has reported from the Israel-Lebanon war, covered piracy off the Horn of Africa, made the BBC’s flagship film on the Madoff scandal, and spent the winter of 2010 embedded with the US Marines in Waakan province, Afghanistan. Recently, he has been involved in developing the Reggie Yates: Extreme series for BBC3.

In 2013, he wrote the online dating blog 28 Dates Later, in which he documented his search for love online over 28 dates on 28 different dating sites. The blog, which had 500,000 unique readers and was syndicated in the New Statesman, is in the works as a book and was optioned for a Hollywood film. Most importantly though, he met his lovely wife through writing it, making him a bonafide online dating guru…or so his agent insists.

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