Dr Tamara Russell

As a clinical psychologist, martial artist and neuroscientist, Tamara brings a unique, multiple perspective to her mindfulness teaching, therapy, and research. Her particular interest is in the embodiment of mindfulness and this lies at the heart of her two training programs “The Art of Mindfulness” and “Body In Mind Training” which are offered as courses and short trainings to the general public, schools, corporations, and within the health sector.  Tamara’s work cuts across disciplines and sectors, bringing practical, body-based mindfulness training to individuals of all ages and abilities.  Tamara works as a mindfulness consultant and trainer in a variety of settings include education and health worldwide.
Her clinical and academic research explores the link between movement, mind, and the brain. At the heart of this work is the kung fu principle that our training (and our mindfulness) can and is in everything we do.  By working with the body and movement, we are tapping into the most fundamental of brain processes that underpin all our mental actvity and subsequent actions in the world.  Working with contemporary dancers and those in the creative arts, Tamara’s work explores how we can learn and share experiences of embodiment across disciplines to improve the pedagogy of mindfulness.
Tamara is the Director of the Mindfulness Centre of Excellence, London.  This organization is dedicated to innovation and thought leadership in the field of mindfulness with a particular focus on creativity and mindfulness teaching methods.  She is also a visiting Lecturer at King’s College London, lecturing on the clinical and neuroscientific aspects of mindfulness to students across a range of post graduate courses and conducting research projects.

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