Raffaele Esposito

Born in Italy, Raffaele gained a full mark master degree in architecture at University of Naples “Federico II” in 1996. Since then he’s been exposed to international work experiences leading to the acquisition of a wide range of skills in the field of sustainable architecture, with particular attention to subjects like community empowerment, multiculturalism and sustainable development. He has worked as an architect in private practice and for the public sector, being enriched by a diversity of design and planning opportunities, always retaining focus on the design’s social responsibility to help improve the human condition.

Before moving to the UK in 2006, he also worked with the European Union on the creation and implementation of pilot projects aiming at the development of marginalised areas. The target of the actions was to capitalise on the specificity of local identities and to engage communities into a process of self-reinvention leading to a renewed sense of belonging to places and to the creation of sustainable micro-economies. These experiences offered Raffaele the opportunity to work within multi-disciplinary and highly creative environments, merging together visual arts, landscape design, architecture, urbanism, economic dynamics and political responses.

In the UK, besides teaching architecture at the University of Strathclyde, he has worked as design director for major international firms before choosing to develop further his career in the public sector. He’s leading designer for major regenerative masterplans, public buildings and places whilst providing design advice to Glasgow City Council’s Planning Department on architecture and urban design matters. Raffaele is currently principal of masterplanning and implementation for City Deal/Glasgow.

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