Lorien Jollye

Lorien Jollye was a smoker for 23 years before switching to vaping more than two and half years ago in November 2012. A mother of three boys, Lorien found giving up so difficult that she smoked through two of her pregnancies, yet she found the transition to vaping effortless despite the fact that she was smoking up to a pack a day.

Lorien is a firm believer that policies which aim to ‘denormalise’ smoking have bred an atmosphere of public intolerance whereby smokers are routinely stigmatised and ostracised to an extent that would probably be illegal were they a religious or racial group. A passionate advocate for vaping and other tobacco harm reduction methods since her switch, Lorien began advocating within weeks of her switch and in early 2014 she became one of the founding trustees of the New Nicotine Alliance (NNA).

NNA is a UK registered charity which aims to educate the public including smokers, legislators, regulators and others working in public health about the benefits of a harm reduction approach to smoking.

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