Jonathan Birdwell

Jonathan Birdwell joined ISD in September 2015 as Head of Policy and Research. Previously,  Jonathan was Head of the Citizenship and Political Participation Programme at the think tank Demos. He has authored over forty think tank reports on topics including the relationship between violence terrorists and non-violent Islamist radicals, ‘far right’ political parties and street-based groups in Europe, UK counterterrorism policy, education, the youth labour market, international volunteering and the role of faith groups in UK society, among others.

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Sunday 18 October 2015, 16.00 Conservatory

From betting to minimum pricing: saving the poor from themselves?

"Five debates a day sounds a bit daunting beforehand, but I really loved it. The speakers are so knowledgeable and passionate about their chosen topic, and the amount of time dedicated to questions from the audience was great as it really brought in alternative views."
Exeter University student

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