Nikola Matisic

As a successful tenor soloist in Scandinavia, Nikola Matisic has nonetheless established himself as a propagator for public education in the classical arts in his country and abroad. With his keen interest in both pedagogy, classical arts and martial arts, Nikola wishes for a greater individual collaboration between all disciplines when it comes to public interaction and less dependence on public institutions and industrialized delivery-systems.

As a former Jette Parker Young Artist at the Royal Opera, Covent Garden, having performed roles in several productions, Nikola has since performed leading tenor roles in Opera Houses and festivals all over Scandinavia.

Nikola is also the founder of Operalabb, an organization for education of the classical art of Opera to younger generations of artists, including singers, pianists, composers and such as well as wider public education of the arts.

As a member of the European Cultural Parliament, Nikola is continuously seeking like-minded collaborators.

As a an op-ed writer, Nikola has been published in several major Swedish newspapers and specialist magazines.

Recently Nikola started building the project; ”Operastaden” (The Opera town) - a social project of combining modern professional studios, experimental and training facilities for elite operatic artists and students combined with an open training facility for kids, novices, amateurs and the general public - in an urban dwelling-setting.

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