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In my experience, the Battle of Ideas is unique. Over the 15 years of editing Novo magazine in Germany, I have rarely attended such a great weekend conference which manages to inspire for so long. Today, in our a- or pre-political times, I cannot think of anything which resembles it anymore. The pool of new and universalist ideas you get out of it is tremendous, and the Battle is brilliant to connect with curious and intellectually ambitious people from all over the world. We have been more than happy to be an official German partner, right from the first Battle of Ideas in 2005. We hope it will continue to grow and spread its spirit around the globe and (not at least out of our own interest) we will continue to do our best to support this forum where you can find and challenge a new generation of proper public intellectuals.

- Thomas Deichmann, Editor, Novo

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"The Battle of Ideas is like a huge intellectual fair where a bewildering number of thinkers set out their stalls."
Julian Baggini, editor, The Philosophers' Magazine