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Pfizer is pleased to be sponsoring the Battle of Ideas for the third year. Last year’s event was well attended and bursting with lively debate and original perspectives. We’ve no doubt this year’s festival will provide more of the same.  The ‘Battle’ provides a forum for people to explore new ideas, scrutinise the latest research and question perceived wisdom. Our researchers do all of these things every day, as they seek new understandings that might help them take another step towards discovering and developing a new medicine. Along the way, their assumptions will frequently be challenged and they will often have to consider new ideas and rethink their plans. The Battle of Ideas encourages people to do likewise. It’s an approach that helps us advance medical science, but also one that could help societies develop solutions for some of the most pressing challenges they face. Enjoy the debate!

- Dr Ruth McKernan, Vice President, External Research – Europe, Pfizer Global R&D

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"…the most interesting, diverse, serious and argumentative audience imaginable."
Prof Sir Bernard Crick