Why do people hate America?
Saturday 27 October, 12.15pm until 1.15pm, Student Union Bar-room Rants

America once symbolised (rightly or wrongly) all that was good about the Enlightenment project of human progress: economic prosperity, political freedom and equality – a refuge from the more repressive European nations. Today however many in America including members of the Bush administration wonder ‘Why do people hate us?’

These days Americans feel that hardly anyone supports them, and public opinion polls in Europe and elsewhere seem to confirm this. Indeed, America is accused of a variety of sins: being a bully in world affairs; the major cause of global warming; the superpower spreading consumerist values and crass mass entertainment around the world, to name just a few.

As the race to the 2008 presidential election gets into full swing the NY Salon asks, what’s new about the anti-American outlook in Europe, the Middle East and elsewhere? Is anti-Americanism in the Middle East different from that emanating from Europe? And why are some Americans themselves anti-American?


John Luik
senior fellow, Democracy Institute, Washington DC; co-author, Diet Nation
James Matthews
management consultant; founding member, NY Salon; writer on economics and business
Dr Cheryl Hudson
lecturer in American history, University of Liverpool
Jean Smith
specialist development consultant; co-founder and director, NY Salon

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Jean Smith specialist development consultant; co-founder and director, NY Salon

Anti-Americanism at home and abroad , Nancy McDermott

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Why do they hate us?
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