Battles on Video

Battles on Video presents videos from previous Battle of Ideas festivals, interviews and opinion pieces by speakers and participants, as well as specially produced in-depth discussions.

Recent Videos

Battle 08: China: Brendan O'Neill - The West is afraid of China

Battle 08: China: Elizabeth Economy - Urbanising 400 million people

Battle 08: Boozy Britain

Battle 08: Learning Jargonese - Steven Poole - 'Intelligent Design' is dishonest jargon

Battle 08: Picking on The Apprentice: Richard Donkin - Bulling in a vote-off society

Battle 08: Is America still the World's Policeman?

Battle 08: Too Many Laws?

Battle 08: Scared of the Kids

Battle 08: Scared of the Kids - Stuart Waiton - Lowered bar for security

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