Professor Adam Crawford

Adam Crawford, Professor of Criminology and Criminal Justice and Director of the Centre for Criminal Justice Studies at the University of Leeds. He has published widely on themes of policing, community safety, restorative justice and criminal justice policy. His publications include: Youth Offending and Restorative Justice (Willan, 2003) The Local Governance of Crime (Oxford, 1997) and Crime Prevention and Community Safety (Longman, 1998) Integrating Victims in Restorative Youth Justice (Policy Press, 2005).

He is a member of the Scientific Committee of the Groupe Européen de Recherche sur les Normativités (GERN) network and Steering Committee of a three year European Commission funded co-ordination action project entitled CRIMPREV, involving more than 30 institutions representing 11 European countries. His is on the editorial boards of the British Journal of Criminology, European Journal of Criminology and Déviance et Société. He is currently completing a book on the contractual governance of anti-social behaviour for Cambridge University Press. He is a member of the steering committee for the European Commission funded Co-ordination Action ‘CrimPrev: Assessing Deviance, Crime and Prevention in Europe’ (2006-9), involving 30 institutions across 11 countries. As part of this pan-European research he is leader of a work-package on ‘Insecurity and Public Perceptions of Crime’. He is a member scientific committee of the Groupe Européen de Recherche sur les Normativités (GERN) network and the Regulatory Institutions Network based at the Australian National University, where he was a visiting Fellow in 2005. In October 2005, he was elected Academician of the Academy of Learned Societies for the Social Sciences. He has managed numbers empirical research studies into aspects of policing, community safety and youth justice. He recently completed a research study of the use and impact of dispersal orders as means of policing anti-social behaviour for the Joseph Rowntree Foundation. He is currently conducting research commissioned by the Nuffield Foundation exploring the impact of anti-social behaviour interventions on young people.

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Sunday 2 November 2008, 4.00pm Café
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Recent books include:
Plural Policing (Policy Press, 2005)
The Use and Impact of Dispersal Orders (Policy Press, 2007)

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