Teacher of the future

Thursday 10 October, 7.00pm until 8.30pm, Hamilton House, Mabledon Place, London WC1H 9BD UK Satellite Events 2013

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Significant changes to the education system have taken place in the recent period. Academies and Free Schools, which have greater discretion over teachers’ terms and conditions, but report directly the Department of Education, now form nearly half of all secondary schools. New national curriculum orders, with a greater focus on subjects and knowledge have been launched, whilst at the same time schools have been given greater flexibility to develop more locally focussed provision. Teachers at Academies and Free Schools are now no longer required to have Qualified Teacher Status, and an ever increasing proportion of initial teacher training is being delivered via Schools Direct, a schools rather than university based, route into teaching. At the same time, OfSTED’s new inspection regime has been launched, with shorter inspection notices, and detailed expectations with regards to classroom teaching and assessment. Within all of this Education Secretary Michael Gove maintains that teachers are ‘society’s most valuable asset’, so what can we say about how the ways the teachers of the future are being developed?  Is the authority and autonomy of teachers being increased or diminished by current school reforms? What are the distinctive features of this generation of teachers? Are education reforms promoting or inhibiting innovation and risk taking within the classroom? What are the aims of the Coalition’s policy?

Tom Burkard
research fellow, Centre for Policy Studies; visiting professor of education policy, University of Derby; project leader, Phoenix Free School of Oldham

Kevin Rooney
politics teacher and head of social science, Queen's School, Bushey; co-author, Who's Afraid Of The Easter Rising?

Frankie Sulke
executive director for children & young people, LB Lewisham

Brett Wigdortz
CEO and founder, Teach First

Toby Marshall
A Level Film Studies Teacher; PhD researcher in sociology of education, UCL Institute of Education

Produced by
Professor Dennis Hayes professor of education, University of Derby
Toby Marshall A Level Film Studies Teacher; PhD researcher in sociology of education, UCL Institute of Education
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