Learn Latin in 30 minutes

Sunday 19 October, 13.10 until 13.40, Hammerson Room, Barbican Festival Attractions 2014

What you are going to get in the space of half an hour is in fact two things.

First: a summary, with proofs, of the reasons that, for many centuries in the past, Latin was justly considered to be indispensable as the starting-point and foundation of all true education, and also why Latin, learnt in the traditional way (rather than as it is usually taught today), is indispensable in particular for the mastery of English, including English grammar, even though, as if paradoxically, Latin grammar is radically different from English grammar.

Secondly, a short Latin lesson, starting right from the beginning, in which you will learn more Latin than you would have learnt in several years at almost any school today.

You find this impossible to believe? Come along and find out.

Listen to the event:


Nevile M Gwynne
author; private teacher, and adviser on teaching-methods to various schools in England

Justine Brian
director, Debating Matters Competition

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