Debating Matters showcase debate on libraries
Sunday 28 October, 12.45pm until 1.45pm, Lecture Theatre 2 Lunchtime Debates

Involving sixth form students from two schools experienced in the Academy of Ideas and Pfizer Debating Matters Competition, the debate will showcase its innovative format with a debate on the future of libraries.

Debate motion:
‘Books should remain the essence of public libraries’

-Blackburn College, Lancashire
-Queens’ School, Bushey, Hertfordshire


Nicolette Jones
writer, critic and broadcaster; children's book reviewer, The Sunday Times; author, The Plimsoll Sensation
Miranda McKearney
director, Reading Agency
Diran Adebayo
novelist and cultural critic; author, award-winning Some Kind of Black and My Once Upon A Time
Helen Birtwistle
history and politics teacher, South London school

 Produced by

Helen Birtwistle history and politics teacher, South London school
Geoff Kidder director, membership and events, Academy of Ideas; convenor, IoI Book Club; IoI’s resident expert in all sporting matters

"Books should remain the essence of public libraries", Andrew Wheelhouse vs. Kiranjeet Kaur Gill

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