Paul Kelly

Paul Kelly MA (York) PhD (London) is Professor of Political Theory at LSE. He previously held research and teaching posts at the University of Chicago, University College London and the University of Wales at Swansea. He is author editor and co-editor of eight books including Utilitarianism and Distributive Justice (Oxford 1990), The Social Contract from Hobbes to Rawls( Routledge 1994) Impartiality, Neutrality and Justice (Edinburgh 1998) British Political Science (Blackwell PSA, 2000) Multiculturalism Reconsidered (Polity 2002) Political Thinkers (Oxford 2002) Liberalism (Polity 2004) and Locke's Second Treatise (Continuum 2007) as well as numerous articles and book chapters on political ethics and ethical issues in public policy, constitutionalism, justice, multiculturalism and group recognition, and British political ideas. He is currently working on three books including a biography of Jeremy Bentham, and study of the modern state and a student introduction to political ideas. His Media work includes occasional contributions to BBC Radio 4 Today Programme on political theory and politics and appearances on Radio 3, Sky News and CBC Radio and Television in Canada.

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"The 2006 Battle of Ideas did what it said on the tin: prejudices were punctured, common wisdom was questioned and original thinking honoured. The saying was coined in Texas, but I suggest that the Battle of Ideas adopts it as the conference motto: ‘sacred cows make the best burgers."
George Brock, Saturday Editor, The Times