Dolan Cummings

Dolan Cummings is an Associate Fellow of the Academy of Ideas, part of the committee that programmes the annual Battle of Ideas, and a regular participant at the festival and other IoI events. He has a particular interest in religion and politics, especially in the USA and India. He is also one of the co-founders of the Manifesto Club, a campaign group for freedom in everyday life, and has written widely on related subjects.

His novel, That Existential Leap: a crime story, will be published by Zero Books later this year. It is part bildungsroman and part psychological thriller; a second novel is also in progress. Aside from writing fiction, Dolan works as a freelance copywriter and editor and a speechwriter for social, political and business clients.

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In Search of Sesame Street: Policing Civility for the 21st Century (Perpetuity, 1999)

 Festival Buzz

"The Battle of Ideas provides a valuable and positive resource at a time when intelligent debate, public speaking and challenge seem to be diminishing in public life."
Barb Jungr, chansonniere